November 15, 2016

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Description: This is a project of experimentation. It is the playground of Stan Bush ( It gives him/me a chance to work on proof of concept for future visions. In other words, sometimes you can’t explain things.. Until you’ve actually done them. This website will give him/me some relief from the boring, day to day conversational explanations with most people. At some point, it will become a source of lead generation.


Who? The people that will read this will most likely be invited. Very little effort will be put towards SEO from a search engine standpoint. Most of it will be done using Strategic Engagement Optimization instead. And the people that read this site will have a vision themselves. They know (or believe) things are possible, but they just don’t know how to do them. And generally speaking, they won’t be interested in learning. They will want others to do it for them. They are focused on the benefits really.

What? Well, that’s a big question isn’t it. I mean, narrowing down the ideas here will be tough. Especially given that they are constantly changing. Fortunately, because of the way this project is being approached, I can narrow it down a bit. The main thing this site is about is integration and how it can save steps. For example, this document itself is starting in OneNote. From there it is ‘sent’ to the site via a WordPress function. BUT… just writing this made me remember the email publish function in most blogs. So, I’ll probably send all of this to a blogger site with the domain . IN other words… same name, just spelled differently.

When? Right now. We start right now.

Where? The two sites are and . While they may be similar, I’m fairly sure they won’t be mirror sites. I’m sure there will be some technologies that can be implemented on one, that won’t work on the other. Regardless of that… we will move past it. We won’t spend time trying to fix applications as much as we will spend getting them to play well together.

How? Through hard work. But the purpose of that hard work is to make it easier in the long run. Since I can’t write everything in one day, you’ll just how to follow along. I’ll do my best to explain it. Those explanations will be on the actual experimental post… most of the time.

10 Steps/Points:

  1. Setup both sites ( and to resolve.
  2. Use One Note to create the planner for the sites.
  3. List out the other applications that you want to use in this project and why.
  4. Setup the schedule for all this. You don’t/can’t post from Focus, Fitness, Finance, Family, Fun, etc. every day.
  5. Begin posting to those sites… even though it may seem rambling, using OneNote
  6. Try to work on the basic skill sets for the integration and broadcast it
  7. Share it , or upload the video…to the other sites.
  8. Do not forget to take a break.
  9. Do not forget to keep moving forward.
  10. Do not forget to NOT listen to naysayers.

Other Notes: None at this time. Too much other work to do 🙂

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