November 16, 2016

The Focus Blog

Project: The Focus Project Blog

Description: is broken into several pieces. It is created using what I call the F-Words. Basically, it’s a filing and organizational system. I created it many years ago when I realized that alphanumerical systems wouldn’t work for me. I realized that just filing things that way would cause me to lose them. So I came up with a system that would help.

The way it helps is that I can file things using this system, no matter where I am at…or what am doing.

The five main sections are Focus, Family, Faith, Fitness, and Finance. I do have other F Words, but I don’t use them as much. The way it works is very simple. Anything that has to do with Faith gets filed under that category. And if it has to do with Finance, it goes there. Under each are I create subcategories. For example Finance subcategories of Clients and Vendors. Once I am in the subcategory, I file by Alpha Numeric. This may seem confusing at first. But using this system makes it easy to know where I would put an invoice that I sent. It also makes it easy to figure out where to put an invoice that I receive.

I use this system across all platforms. It works well because I can add data, papers, or even categories to applications without having to think about it too long. I just get it done.

Answering the big questions:

This section will answer the who, what, when, where, how and why questions you might (or might not) have.

Who is this section for?

Anybody that wants to figure out how to follow this project. Or someone that wants to know how and why it’s organized the way it is. But mainly, it’s for me to be able to test my systems and improve my integration skillset.

What Will You Find Here?

You’ll find things that interest you. And you’ll find things that don’t interest you. But mainly, you’ll find blogs and posts that will help you work things out in your head. You’ll see connections in a way you haven’t seen them before.

When Will It Be Finished?

Never. Things change all the time in my world. Just like in yours. The things I’m focused on today can and will change overnight. Not because I can’t focus…but because that’s the way it is.

That should explain the purpose of the focus section. With so many opportunities, this area will help me focus on what’s really important.

Where Can I Read More About This?

Right here on this site. Use the labels and categories to find things about specific F Words.

How Is This Section Generated?

It is done using one of my OneNote Planner Templates. Then it is published to via a WordPress tool. And it is sent to Blogger via an email to blog tool. I’ll probably create a video about that soon. Or maybe a live streaming event.

How Will I Use This System On This Site?

Well, I’ll the templates that I have created already. I’m sure I’ll create more. And I’ll probably go find others. I’m not the only person that’s using Microsoft One Note. There must be millions of ideas out there just waiting to be found and/or created.

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I have literally helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their goals, while ignoring mine. And I used this system to do this. It’s time I shared it to help even more. . To those that find it interesting and usable… great. To those that feel it’s a waste of time…that’s ok too. Either way, I achieve my goal, of helping as many people as possible.


  1. Create planners for everything.
  2. Publish them under the correct F Word here.
  3. Use the Area Fifty One and Five Fifteens to generate content.
  4. Schedule time every day to use the planners.
  5. ALWAYS follow the steps in the planner. Always.
  6. Experiment with other formats for the posts.
  7. Never miss a single day of posting. Ever. Regardless of category.
  8. Make sure to refer to this site when I’m explaining to people how I do what I do.
  9. Create a logo for the focus area, or at least a header template.
  10. Review these postings on a regular basis.

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