December 1, 2016

December 1 – Day 1

Day 01- A Recent Picture Of Yourself

I’m pretty sure I’m prepared for this. Anytime that I sit down and follow a plan, it’s a milestone. It’s not that I don’t ‘try’ to follow one. It’s just that normally I’m knocked out of it. Just as soon as I sit at the computer. I get sidetracked, interested in, and other wise cajoled into something else. Not this time. This time is different.

There Are 30 Pre Planned Fitness/Posting Ideas

Actually I shouldn’t call them “Content Ideas”. I’ll have to come up with something different. Maybe “One And Done Fitness Month Posts”. Something along those lines. Because that’s what they really fit into. A one and done plan. Do something once, and fulfill more than one goal or tasks. In this case, it fulfills my fitness goal and my posting goal. How? I’m glad you asked.

The Fitness Goal

It fits this criteria because I have to work out before posting. It’s part of the plan. By the time I sit down I’ve already done my first 25 minute workout. Whether it’s elliptical, treadmill, gardening or walking. It doesn’t matter. I’ve already done it. I have to in order to get to the second goal

The Posting Goal

The plan is to TRACK my progress. Not just my exercise, but as you’ll see below my Food, Vitamins, Water, and Posting. So I don’t want to do that ‘on the fly’. I’m not really that kind of person. Or should I say not that kind of ‘implementer’. I need a plan that I can follow. One that gives me my instructions daily without much effort. Sure I have some wiggle room. But not too much.

My Plan Is To Complete This 30 Day Challenge

I already have the plan in place. Now it’s just the doing.



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