December 2, 2016

December 2 – Day 2

Stan Bush at 12/2/2016 5:38 AM

So this is Day 2. I know that because that’s what the Title says. And guess what else? The picture is of the ‘second time’ that Cheryl and I got married. Our first marriage was with friends in KC. This one was done in the Oldest Church in America. The Concord Church.

But What About Fitness

Glad you asked. The research shows that happily married people live longer. So I guess we’ll be living a long time. I can see how that works though. To stay happily married, you have to keep pretty busy. You know…keeping the other person happy. And if you do that, you’ll be happy too.

I Did The Elliptical Again Today

Not too long. 25 minutes at what I’d call ‘moderate’ speed. It wasn’t a walk, but it didn’t get me breathing real hard either. I don’t have any type of device that will tell me. So I have to go on ‘feel’. I feel like it was a good workout. But just typing this makes me think… maybe it’s time for a fitbit or something. It just depends on what that something is. It can’t be so expensive that it sends me into cardiac arrest.

Food Yesterday

I ate reasonable. But I didn’t track it. So how do I really know? I guess the truth on that is “I don’t”. So, I’ll work on that.

Timer just went off.


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