December 4, 2016

December 3 – Day 3

A picture of your inspiration for weight loss

This was pretty easy. Tony Mobley is an inspiration to everyone. He’s lost over 120 lbs so far. And he has plans on losing another 100. He’s serious about where he’s going. Nobody will get in his way.

How Is He Doing It

He started off using Ketopia. It worked. So he decided to go into the business part of the product. That didn’t work as well as you’d think. So he dropped that and focused again on his health. I think it was a good move. As soon as he did, everything started working for him again.

He’s Still Doing Keto Though

And that, I think… is the key to his success. I’ve tried it using a different product. While it does improve my FBS, I didn’t experience any significant weight loss. I plan on trying it again next week though. I was on it for 15 days, and I think it was worth it. It’s just rather expensive. I’ll probably try to cut that back to every other day. If that improves my FBS again, that will be worth it. But if not… $170 a month is too much for the product.


Tony Mobley


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