December 7, 2016

December 5

Day 05 – A picture of your favorite animal

Say Hello To Bobby

She was a genuine pain in the ass. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love her. Or that I don’t miss her. It just means she would bark at the worst times. Like 2AM in the morning. Especially when I didn’t get to bed until 1AM. And, she chewed my shoes. I guess when I found her eating my tomatoes I could have choked her. But, I miss her. And that’s the truth

Let’s Get To The Health Stuff

I’m not really doing very well. My FBS is up. My weight is up. And I don’t seem to be making any progress. I was reading today about a buy that didn’t pay any attention to his Diabetes. So now he’s only got one leg. Another guy had his toes amputated. It happens every day. I better wise up and get to work. If I don’t, something bad is going to happen.

What Am I Going To Change?

Well, I’ve joined a gym. And it’s within 2 miles of the house. That makes it close enough to drive to. And far enough to run to. I’ve talked to the owner, but honestly he doesn’t seem interested enough in what I’m doing. I know that he’s busy, but so am I. I need to stay focused on my work, charge for my services, and get my own house in order. There is no way that I can do that if I’m worried about what yet another client thinks of me. In other words, I think I’d be spreading my self too thin. I need to just follow my plan.


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