Although all the F-Words are important, Focus is doubly so. Why? Because focus is that one thing that gets stuff done. Without focus things would just sit on a ‘to do list’. This section will be all about the planning and implementation part of the F-Plan.


What if everything you did was fully integrated? What if all you had to do was one thing? What if you had a way to create content with very little effort? Well that’s what this is about. the one-and-done system will allow you to create things in a way that will allow them to be […]

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To Finish – You Have To Start

Which is harder than it sounds. But not impossible. It’s just not that easy. And I don’t know if it ever gets easier. If you follow and listen to really successful people, they never do. Comedians, athletes, and actors all talk about ‘butterflies’ before the event. So obviously, they are still just as nervous. But […]

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The Focus Blog

Project: The Focus Project Blog Description: is broken into several pieces. It is created using what I call the F-Words. Basically, it’s a filing and organizational system. I created it many years ago when I realized that alphanumerical systems wouldn’t work for me. I realized that just filing things that way would cause me […]

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Focused On

Project: Description: This is a project of experimentation. It is the playground of Stan Bush ( It gives him/me a chance to work on proof of concept for future visions. In other words, sometimes you can’t explain things.. Until you’ve actually done them. This website will give him/me some relief from the boring, day […]

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November 2016

This is the opening page. Not sure what it will contain yet. But we will see. I know that it may seem to be rambling at some point. Except when it comes to the purpose of the site. Which is, in the end… to demonstrate new technology, and give some insight as to what’s coming […]

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If you’re here, I have no idea what brought you here. At least not at this time. This is the first post on this site. And to be honest, it’s sort of an experiment. But to be sure about one thing. It’s not doomed to fail. Oh yeah. There will be some failures. In fact, […]

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